The retreat of the wisdom deity Sherab Mawey Sengey was started in 1980. It is held from the 23rd to the 30th day of the first Lunar month.

This retreat is aimed at achieving the blessing of great wisdom and show path to enlightenment. It also eliminates immediate obstacles, illness, negativities, etc.

This year, the 39th retreat of Sherab Mawe Sangey began on 27th February 2019 (23rd of the first Lunar month) at Menri Monastery in the presence of His Holiness the 34th Menri Trizin Lungtok Dawa Dhargyal Rinpoche and His Eminence Menri Ponlob Trinley Nyima Rinpoche, Menri Shedrub Khenpo and Menri Shedrub Lobpon along with Geshes and the monks and nuns. The retreat continued till the 5th March for 7 days including the whole night of the last day.

On the eighth day, i.e. 6th March, after successful offering of sand mandala of Sherab Mawe Sengey and accumulation the mantras of body, speech, mind, knowledge and enlightened activities of Sherab Mawe Sengey, there was recitation of the main text of Sherab Mawe Sangey and the great Tshog Offering ritual took place.