Health is a basic and elementary need for the general welfare and development of any community, thus recognizing the importance of good health of the people of Dholanji, His Holiness the 33rd Menri Trizin established Bon Health Care Center to provide health care services to the people in Dholanji. Bon Health Care Center provides health services to all of the students, monks, nuns and local Tibetan people living in Dolanji. It also provides free medical services to the local Indian people. When it is necessary, some services must be provided in Solan or another health facility further away, depending on the circumstances. In some cases of emergency we have to drive to Chandigarh which is about 3 hours from the Monastery for better treatment due to lack of facility nearby.

How you can help

  • Basic health care and emergency service are one of problems that need attention. We are also looking for a professional nurse who can work as volunteer in the health care center.
  • You can help by donating for the general expenses of the health care center, general medication expense or for the emergency service.

Donate for Bon Health Care Centre