18th Seminar on Yungdrung Bon to be held from 19-21 May 2019

Announcement   18TH SEMINAR BON ON YUNGDRUNG BON Date: 19th – 21st May 2019 Venue: The Tibetan Yungdrung Bon Library, […]

Celebration of the 41st Founding Ceremony of Bon Dialectic School at Menri Monastery

Bon Dialectic School of Menri Monastery was founded on 1st April 1978 by the 33rd Menri Trizin Lungtok Tenpai Nyima […]

His Eminence Menri Ponlob Rinpoche gave Oral Transmission of the great Teachings of Dzogchen of Yungdrung Bon

His Eminence Menri Ponlob Yangton Trinley Nyima Rinpoche gave Oral Transmission of the Great Teachings of Yungdrung Bon from 15th […]